DVD Review: Duck Dynasty Season 2 Volume 1

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It’s back into the swamp with the biggest names in decoy as our friends out at Lionsgate sent out a copy of “Duck Dynasty Season 2 Volume 1″ on DVD for us to review, and the swamp is still a wild place indeed. We got this one ahead of schedule–it won’t hit shelves until March 5–but it’s going to be worth the wait.

“Duck Dynasty Season 2 Volume 1″ takes us back down to Louisiana, where the men of Duck Commander, the Robertson family, look to make their fortune in duck decoys. While the men may be best known for their beards and their backcountry ways, they’re still making quite a splash in business. Season 2 gives us more insight into the lives–both work and personal–of what is essentially the first family of duck decoys, showing us the lighter side, the outrageous side, and the side that can’t help but get folks to cheer for this crazy brood who took what they loved and made a livelihood–and a lifestyle–out of it.

The first five minutes give us a good idea of what we’re in for, as CEO and father Willie is teaching daughter Sadie how to drive ahead of her driver’s test, with much of the senior management of Duck Commander looking on, drinking what looks like iced tea and eating watermelon. But then, that whole “backcountry ways” thing can get a little on the heavy-handed side; one episode spent way too much time talking about the importance of saving sex for marriage. It’s not that I object to the message, mind you, but when it’s repeated several times, the message wears thin.

It’s like Si ended up saying in a separate episode: “When you just do something like I’ve been doing these reeds over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over, hey, that will make a man snap like a twig.” Special note: all those overs? Verbatim.

Thankfully, the repetition won’t show up often or stay long–seems to be mostly Phil that cranks up the culture warrior schtick for any length of time–and there’s plenty of outlandish and unusual situations to go around for most anyone’s taste. Additionally, Phil is more than capable of bringing not only solid laughs but also sound lessons about love and family without beating his audience–us–over the head with said lessons. That brings him right in line with everyone else, who’s already going to great lengths to bring laughs but also providing some decent lessons, too. Anyone who’s convinced that television is nothing but a morass of filth needs to be shown this show and promptly told to lighten up.

By way of extra features, meanwhile, you’ll have your choice of English or Spanish subtitles, a set of various featurettes about the Robertson family’s life and work, as well as a set of trailers for “The Men Who Built America”, “Swamp People”, and “Titanic: Blood and Steel”.

“Duck Dynasty Season 2 Volume 1″ is going to be a generally hilarious, occasionally infuriating, and usually entertaining look at one family’s life of work, play and periodic preachiness. For those not already watching on A&E–or those who just want it all in one place, handy and ready to go–“Duck Dynasty” will bring plenty of laughs to an otherwise drab routine.

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