FOX Makes ‘Alcatraz’ Vanish For Good

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Any hope that prison-themed time travel romp Alcatraz would receive a stay of execution from FOX is gone. The network has officially dropped the J.J. Abrams show after one 13-episode season. It looks as if viewers will never find out who caused all the prisoners and guards at Alcatraz to disappear in 1963, then reappear in 2012. As far as who caused them to disappear in 2012, Christina Aguilera should be brought in for questioning.

Thanks to ample promotion from FOX, Alcatraz launched strongly in January. The second season of NBC singing competition The Voice arrived in February, and the sci-fi show’s viewership nosedived. What Aguilera might say next proved a more compelling mystery for viewers than Abrams and Jorge Garcia’s latest island trip. Dancing with the Stars on ABC continued its Monday night magic, leaving “The 63s” out in the cold.

Making matters even more frustrating for FOX, The Voice is grabbing viewers in American Idol’s demographic.  Idol judges this year are constantly reminding everyone how much better its singers are than the ones on those other shows.

J. J. Abrams’ other FOX drama, Fringe, earned a fifth and final season. Kiefer Sutherland drama Touch got a second season though ratings haven’t been great. If it continues to struggle Kiefer’s character is probably just going to start kneecapping people. It’s worked in the past.

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