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I won't spoil who wins

30 Rock and Parenthood have both been renewed by NBC, but still no word on Community or Parks & Recreation (Hollywood Reporter)

A look at how TV characters have done when running for office (Vulture)

That movie with Andre 3000 playing Jimi Hendrix may be a go, but apparently the guitarist’s estate has not cleared it, and therefore the movie won’t have any of his songs- meaning there’s not much reason to make it (AV Club)

Bond Girls: An Infographic (Vulture)

 Good news for Abed and other Cougar Town fans- the show is gone from ABC, but TBS will air a 15-episode fourth season in early 2013 (TV Line)

Vice Magazine will get its own HBO show, with some help from Bill Maher. Hopefully David Carr will be the guest every week (AV Club)

ESPN sportscaster and emerging mainstream celebrity Michelle Beadle is reportedly leaving the network for NBC Sports (SportsGrid)

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