‘Twilight’, Adam Sandler and Other Easy Targets Sweep The Razzie Awards

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The Razzies has always seemed – to me at least – like a boring person’s idea of fun. Much like Talk Like a Pirate Day or Wacky, Tacky Tie Day at your office, The Razzies represent an accepted form of zaniness; a staid form of safe irreverence that appeals chiefly to the Michael Scott’s of the world. Yet in spite of its overwhelming irrelevance, The Razzies continues to go after the biggest, fattest targets imaginable.

In news that should surprise approximately no one, “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2” (or “The Nightlight Saga: Breaking Wind Fart Poo” for any humor impaired Razzie fans out there who might be reading this) swept The Razzie awards with seven awards including Worst Picture, Worst Director and Worst Actress.

Additionally, perpetual dead horse Adam Sandler was beaten once again for his screenplay and performance in “That’s My Boy” a film that obviously wasn’t Sandler’s best but clearly didn’t deserve the amount of critical bile it received.

For the select few who may be interested, the complete list of winners and nominees is available right here.


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