Blu-ray Review: Interview With A Hitman

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Action movies are one of the great standards of Well Go Entertainment, and they’ve set out to improve their own record with “Interview With a Hitman”, a copy of which they’ve sent out for review. You’ll be able to get hands on this one March 5, and for those who like their crime drama with plenty of killings and a twist or two, you’ll be in good company here.

“Interview With a Hitman” follows Viktor, the titular hitman, who has been in the profession for quite some time. Viktor rose from the bottom that was the slums of Romania to become one of the best hired killers known to mankind.

But with virtually all rises comes the potential for enemies, and Viktor has made his share. With his bosses added to the list of enemies, Viktor transfers his flag, and finds himself in the midst of a mob war between his old bosses and his new bosses. But will Viktor come out of the changeover alive?

It’s not every day you actually watch an eight year old murder two people, but it’s certainly not short on sheer disturbing. I mean, really–an eight year old mob enforcer? That’s just not right. But while that’s certainly an attention-getter as far as openings go, “Interview With a Hitman” really can’t build on its odd and disturbing opening very well. The opening narrative seems to jump around a lot from Viktor’s adult era to his childhood and then into his present as a mob hitman. Worse, the whole business with the “interview” part is oddly sparse. It could have been a much stronger portion of the narrative, but frankly, by the time I saw the first scene establishing the whole thing as an interview and the second scene dealing with the interview, I had almost forgotten this was about an interview at all. When the title of your movie is “Interview With a Hitman,” and there’s virtually no interview to speak of.

Special note about the ending on this one, as it has a very nifty twist to it. Some might call it “depraved”, and they wouldn’t be wrong, necessarily, but it’s still a very impressive twist. Actually, it’s a couple of very nifty and reprehensible twists, but still, quite a way to cap off a title that was struggling just a bit.

As for special features, there will be a making of featurette, as well as a trailers for “Interview With a Hitman”, “The Thieves”, “Kill ‘Em All”, and “The Courier”. There will be a set of audio options and English subtitles on hand, but many of them will be misspelled, mispunctuated, or out and out misused. One great example is “Common Viktor, we are brothers”. There are plenty of others in question, of course, but it’s still quite the stumbling block.

“Interview With a Hitman” isn’t the best crime drama / thriller I’ve seen, but it’s certainly got at least the underpinnings of a good one. It’s far from perfect, and could have stood a bit of polish before its ultimate release, but it’s certainly sound enough for a rental that likely won’t be regretted.

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