Netflix: Arrested Development Revival to Only Run for One Season

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The former Fox sitcom Arrested Development will return this year after a horrifyingly long seven-year break, but the revival is unlikely to be of the epic proportions fans might have hoped for. At least from a temporary standpoint, as Netflix is not “anticipating being able to do Season 5, 6 and 7”.

Despite the rebooted project being described as “fantastic” and “coming together incredibly”, the 14-episode season 4 that will debut on Netflix on May 4 is almost certainly going to be the series’ swan song. That is, of course, unless a big-time studio won’t find it fit to try to milk the franchise even further with a lame movie.

While I’m sure today’s story will come as a huge blow for a lot of folks (after all, Arrested Development has become a sort of a cult series over the years), I can’t say I’m too shocked about the “cancelation”. After all, Jason Bateman, Michael Cera and even Will Arnett have a lot on their plates nowadays, being more or less unable to commit to a long-term TV online streaming project.

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