Gay-Bashing ‘Moms’ Decry Woman-and-Pig Commercial

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I now pronounce you woman and pig

There aren’t many entities in the world capable of making me sympathize with a TV commercial featuring sexual innuendo between an adult human female and a talking pig. But the gay-bashing culture cops of One Million Moms have pulled off the feat.

The vocally anti-gay “advocacy group,” last seen mounting a completely failed campaign to get Ellen DeGeneres fired from a JC Penney endorsement deal for the crime of being gay, is now taking aim at Geico’s new commercial featuring Geico mascot Maxwell the Pig.

In the ad, Maxwell appears to be on a date with a woman, their car has broken down, and the woman appears unhappy that she won’t be “stuck up here for hours” to “pass the time,” because Geico’s roadside assistance will be coming soon:

The One Million Moms- all one million of them- are NOT HAVING IT:

 Geico has succeeded in offending its customers with this inappropriate advertisement. One Million Moms has received numerous complaints because Geico’s new commercial plays with the idea of bestiality. Parents find this type of advertising repulsive and unnecessary. Airing a commercial with an animal in it will surely grab children’s attention, but this is a horrible commercial for families to see. Geico does not have our children’s best interest in mind. The Geico Marketing Team may have thought this would be humorous, but it is disgusting to see how the company takes lightly the act of bestiality.

I found the commercial a little weird, but ultimately innocuous. Clearly, though, Geico isn’t advocating bestiality, or encouraging people to go on dates with pigs.

The One Million Moms- who, I’m guessing, number quite a bit less than one million- are affiliated with the fanatical American Family Association, which has been designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. They’re a bit cutting edge, in that they don’t speak the language of “protecting marriage” or “family values”- they’re just plain against gay people, going after such cultural subversives as Ellen DeGeneres. A bit piggish of them, if you ask me.

After all, who ever heard of a pig being romantically involved with a non-pig?


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