TBS Gives Post-Conan Pete Holmes Late Night Show the Thumbs Up

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Not many would have wagered on Conan O’Brien’s career actually benefiting from the controversial NBC exit, but CoCo is doing just fine without the “Peacock”. Granted, the Conan TBS ratings might not be record-breaking right now, but the late-night show has been renewed through April 2014.

And if the charismatic host needed extra proof of the cable TV station’s trust in his abilities, here it is – the Conan-produced late late show starring Pete Holmes has been approved and is set to air starting next fall.

The show will run four nights a week on TBS (Monday through Thursday) at midnight, in the follow-up spot to Conan’s own late-night series. The thing will be taped before a live audience and will apparently feature sketches, short films, live comedy, field pieces and in-studio guest interviews.

Sounds like nothing more than your run-of-the-mill comedy-oriented variety show, but if there’s someone edgy and charming enough to make it something special that’s Pete Holmes. The LA-based stand-up comedian has starred in several College Humor Originals as Batman and is currently hosting a very popular Nerdist-distributed podcast titled You Made It Weird. Good luck, Pete, and don’t you disappoint us!

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