Donald Trump to Enter WWE Hall of Fame

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WWE Hall of Famers are often known by a single name like “The Hulkster,” or “The Rock.” Now we can add “The Donald” to that list. WWE has announced it will induct Donald Trump into the Celebrity Wing of its Hall of Fame. Other members include Mike Tyson and Pete Rose.

Celebrities ranging from Pamela Anderson to Snooki have joined in on the wrestling company’s fun, foten at the annual Wrestlemania. Many times Celebrity Hall of Famers have gone beyond a simple guest hosting gig. Rose, for example, actually had an ongoing feud with WWE’s Kane.  Another Hall of Famer, Drew Carey, participated in the Royal Rumble.

Trump is a longtime fan of WWE and has hosted a pair of Wrestlemanias at his Atlantic City hotel. He has also participated in wrestling storylines.  On one episode, Trump bought Monday Right Naw for a night before selling it back to Chairman Vince McMahon. Trump also shaved McMahon’s head as part of the “Battle of the Billionaires” story.

Both these guys understand the value of showmanship and self-promotion. Trump’s induction comes April 6 during Wrestlemania weekend, which just so happens to take place during the run of Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. Whoever came up with this cross promotion is definitely not fired. McMahon might give them a raise – nah, probably not.

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