Ron Livingston Joins the ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Cast for Upcoming Season 4

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Boardwalk Empire’s season 3 should have been a transition kind of season, what with Jimmy (aka Michael Pitt’s) death and all, but the thing turned out to be bloodier and more action-packed than the previous two.

Naturally, the bar of expectations is set higher than ever for season 4, set to air in the fall, but we’re not worried. How could we be when all important “players” are to return, save for Charlie Cox and Bobby Cannavale, and when Nelson Van Alden (aka Michael Shannon) and Al Capone (beautifully played by Stephen Graham) will reportedly evolve?

And now we’re hearing about the first new name added to the already magnificent actor roster – Ron Livingston. The former star of “Office Space” and Sex and the City will play a rich out-of-town businessman who comes to Jersey and gets caught in Gillian Darmody’s seductive nets.

I think we all recall Gretchen Mol’s previous hot scenes on the show, so the adding of a new love interest for her can only make the dreary nights left until the season 4 debut a little more easy to pass.

Ron Livingston has a Golden Globe nomination under his belt for the 2001 Band of Brothers mini-series, while most recently you probably spotted him in another HBO production – Game Change.

Via [Inside TV]

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