‘Downton Abbey’ Casting its First Black Character

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Downton Abbey will deal with race relations in the 1920s, according to a casting call that has leaked out. The Sun reports on a casting call for a musician named Jack Ross. He’s described as “black and very handsome. A real man (not a boy) with charm and charisma.” The show is seeking a man 25-30 and his character will play music at a very exclusive club.

They’d like this actor to be able to sing brilliantly and have “a certain wow factor.” Jack Ross isn’t the only new character coming aboard for the fourth season.  Lady Mary Crawley will get a new love interest, Lord Anthony Gillingham. The casting notice describes him as “good looking, very charismatic 35-45 year old with a perfect glass cut accent.” The show will also introduce a party-loving cad named Sir John Bullock. His casting call is simple: “must be able to act drunk.” Ah, if only Charlie Sheen weren’t locked into doing Anger Management.

Downton starts filming Season 4 March 23, for a fall premiere date in the United Kingdom. Look for its US premiere next winter.

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