Blu-ray Review: Muay Thai Warrior

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Action from Well Go Entertainment has proven top-notch so far, and they’ve sent out another little delight for us to check out in the form of “Muay Thai Warrior”, exciting Asian action in every sense. This one won’t hit stores until March 5, but when it does, action fans should be ready to go, as this one will be well worth the wait.

“Muay Thai Warrior” takes us out to a competition already in progress, in which King Naresuan the Great is looking for a new bodyguard. Naturally, all the greatest warriors in the kingdom turn out for a shot at the title, including one former samurai, Yamada Nagamasa. Nagamasa was rescued from his home village in Siam by monks after he was left behind by his Japanese countrymen. Nagamasa was subsequently taken back to a nearby village, where he was healed, and eventually taught Muay Thai-style fighting. Nagamasa proves to be a powerful fighter, and takes his place beside King Naresuan. But when the Japanese invade King Naresuan’s territory, Nagamasa must face down the former countrymen who betrayed him and left him for dead so long ago.

There’s a lot to like about “Muay Thai Warrior”. Not only are there some terrific fight scenes here with impressive choreography–pretty much standard for Asian action–but there are also some impressive visuals here of Thailand in general. This isn’t a standard setting for just about any genre, so getting a look at the surroundings and environs of Thailand is something of an unusual treat. That’s rare in just about any movie these days. It’s also based somewhat on a historical tale, going back to the late 1500s to early 1600s, so seeing what things were like on this side of the globe about the time the Pilgrims were sitting down to their first Thanksgiving meal is worth taking notice of.

There are some issues of pacing here, however, as the early going after the first set of fight scenes but before the next set can be a little slow and the gap between fights a little on the pronounced side. Admittedly, I think we could have done without the cockfighting footage, but there were still some nice sequences of family and village life here. Got downright heartwarming for a little while there, but pacing was, indeed, still an issue.

Overall, however, “Muay Thai Warrior” will do an excellent job of bringing some serious action in play, and overall will balance the action and the character-building very well. It won’t be without some problems, of course, but it will provide a new and rather unique experience that ends well.

Special features, meanwhile, will include your choice of Thai or Japanese language tracks, along with those always important–but now downright necessary for non-polyglots–English subtitles. There will also be trailers for “Muay Thai Warrior”, “Tai Chi Zero”, “The Assassins” and “Kill ‘Em All”.

A unique and well put-together piece of work, “Muay Thai Warrior” will have its share of troubles, but it certainly won’t be without the effort necessary to make it an impressive showing. Action fans should eat this one up.

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