Noomi Rapace Confirms ‘Prometheus 2′ Is in the Works, The ‘Right Story’ Not Found Yet

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It might have not been a game-changing, instantly classic sci-fi movie like the first two “Alien” installments, but last year’s “Prometheus” was a big enough hit to warrant a sequel. Oh, alright, it was a huge box-office hit, raking in more than $400 million worldwide on a $130 mil budget.

But how would a sequel to a confusing pseudo-prequel work? We have no idea, but, according to Noomi Rapace, the star of the first “Prometheus” movie, the script is being worked on. The Swedish beauty allegedly met Ridley Scott “a couple of weeks ago”, with the director telling her “he would like to do another one”, but the story has to be right.

We can thus interpret the story is not right yet, so there’s still hope the project will be nipped in the bud after all. Worst case scenario, Scott is going to find higher-skilled writers than Jon Spaihts (“The Darkest Hour”) and Damon Lindelof (“Cowboys & Aliens”) – not that that’s going to be difficult – and we’ll end up with something better than pseudo-intellectual fluff.

For now, Rapace and Michael Fassbender are the only actors semi-confirmed for “Prometheus 2,” but we’re definitely in for another star-spangled cast.

Via [Indiewire]

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