‘Angry Birds’ To Star in Animated Web Series

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Have you ever been playing Angry Birds and wondered how King Pig rose to the throne? Do you long to know the backstory behind this bird-flinging war? What, you haven’t and you don’t? In any case, Rovio’s popular iOS franchise Angry Birds will now become an animated web series. Angry Birds Toons will start March 16, with a new episode coming weekly.

Angry Birds released on the iPhone in December 2009. Since then it has become one of the most popular games on any platform. The Birds hit their one-billionth download in May 2012. The gameplay is simple but addictive, spawning the inevitable legion of imitators. None of them have captured gamers’ hearts like the Angry Birds though.

Rovio hasn’t been shy about plans to get the franchise into every form of media it can. They’ve taken full advantage of their fame with every piece of merchandise imaginable, from foam hats to Halloween costumes. Rovio has partnered with the masters of merchandising at Lucasfilm for Angry Birds Star Wars.

If it seems like these guys are everywhere, it’s because they are. This isn’t a new thing. Veteran gamers will remember Pac-Man’s portfolio was equally diverse in his heyday. He had a Saturday morning cartoon and his own cereal with questionable nutritional value. Have the Birds reached the saturation point with their latest offering? It’s a question we’ve asked numerous times and amazingly, the answer has been no so far. Hopefully they don’t lose the anger. This show is all about the anger, man.


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