David Duchovny Begs an Uncaring Public for a Third ‘X-Files’ Film

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What the hell happened to The X-Files? Why did its entire fan-base suddenly desert the franchise around the year 2000? Did they suddenly discover the opposite sex? Decide to finally focus on getting its MBA? Where did they go? At this point, the show is about as beloved and fondly remembered as Hoobastank and dial-up modems. Yet, somehow, David Duchovny doesn’t seem to be aware of The X-Files current irrelevance.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Duchovny appeared on The Tonight Show to urge non-existent X-Files fans to start an imaginary letter writing campaign to 20th Century Fox because Duchovny is apparently the only person in world (or universe! The truth is out there!!!!) who wants a third X-Files film to happen. Duchovny noted,


“You want to write Fox and get ’em going…,” he told the audience, adding: “You could wheel me [out]. I’ll play Fox Mulder forever.”

 Uh-huh. Sure. That’s not depressing or desperate. Nope. Not at all. You know, at a certain point, Henry Winkler hung up his leather jacket, put away his thumbs and never looked back. Winkler would never go on television with his hat in hand and beg a cold, uncaring public for more Happy Days. Instead, he got fired from directing “Turner and Hooch” and then popped up in “The Waterboy” a few years later. Maybe you should learn from Winkler’s example, Duchovny.

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  • Eric Deamer

    The paycheck is out there.

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  • laurie forbes

    waiting for more X-FILES!

  • Michelle

    Wow, what a bitter article. I can assure you the X-Files fandom is still alive and kicking.

  • Michelle

    Clicked your author link out of curiosity. Does all your work consist of bitching about movies that you don’t want made? I had no idea there was a niche market for that sort of journalism.

  • Michael Sullivan

    Michelle, if you actually clicked on my author’s link you’d know that clearly isn’t true.

  • keith sullivan

    YOU GO DAVID!!!! We are here David!!! the first files movie
    It was AWESOME I am a diehard xfiles fan. I am 32 now and in high school it was a big part of my life and David it still Is!!!! David you are the BEST for not giving up on the xfiles! I have cast autograph went to the Boston convention in 98 (BEST DAY OF MY LIFE) I have the xfulex comics trading cards DVD all seasons file dolls. File fans like mr are around problem is the sequel plot was horrible no aliens no conspiracy come on now GO DAVID LONG LIVE MULDER ANF SCULLY AND THE XFILES!!!!!

  • Tilomas

    Ey dude, all the phile pholks are still out there and WE all XF3 as much as DD, GA, CC and FS wants it. We just are getting dismissed by only one freaky dumb honk at FOX!

  • ML

    You know, just because you’re not part of something does not mean it doesn’t exist. The X-Files fandom is still very much alive. I would absolutely love a third (or more) movie, and I think it’s awesome that Duchovny and Anderson still love the show and their iconic characters.

  • Christina


    by the way, Hank Moody rules!

  • Christine


    GO DAVID! You are my hero!

    By the way, Hank Moody rules.