Watch the First Trailer for ‘Erased’ Action Flick

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Trailers, trailers and more trailers. That’s what we have on the menu today. And after getting super-psyched (not!) about a couple of upcoming animations, it’s time to get equally as unexcited about an action flick.

This one is supposedly called “Erased,” even though it was initially named “The Expatriate”. Anyways, unless I’m being ultra-paranoid here, the premise sounds a whole lot like the plot for the 2011 action-thriller “Unknown” starring Liam Neeson.

There’s a bit of a “Taken” taste in there too, so you can say Aaron Eckhart is the new Neeson. Only he isn’t. Just my two cents, but Eckhart doesn’t have the charm, muscles or acting chops to be an action hero.

As for Olga Kurylenko, Eckhart’s co-star on Erased, she shows no skin in the trailer. Honestly, why would we want to watch the Ukrainian with her clothes on for 100 minutes? Oh, well, maybe the exotic-sounding Philipp Stolzl/Arash Amel director-writer duo can turn things around and make the movie at least as enjoyable as the first “Taken.”

If you care to find out, check the film out in theaters starting May 10.

Via [Collider]


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