Louis C.K.’s Fifth Stand-Up Special, “Oh My God”, To Air in April on HBO

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Who doesn’t love Louis C.K.? You know, besides the HFPA, who are yet to give the brilliant “Louie” TV series a single Golden Globe. Anyone else? Didn’t think so. In which case I guess I speak for all of you when I say I’m ecstatic to hear something official on the comedian’s next stand-up special.

The thing will be called “Louis C.K.: Oh My God” and will air on HBO on Saturday, April 13. The show will be one-hour long and has already been taped in front of a live audience at the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix.

As usual, C.K. has written, directed and executive produced the show, which is the fifth hour special in his career. Also as usual, the thing will be released on C.K.’s website soon after the HBO premiere for just $5 a download.

As you may already know, Louie is currently on stand-by, which makes the new stand-up show that more “special”. The unconventional sitcom is to return in 2014, but not before C.K. trying his hand at some “real” acting in the Woody Allen “Blue Jasmine comedy” and one of David O. Russell’s next projects.

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