Jimmy Kimmel Reportedly “Lined Up” to Host the 2013 Oscars

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Seth MacFarlane did an arguably good job in boosting the Oscar ratings this year, but the chances of him hosting the ceremony again are slimmer than him ever winning a statuette. And we all know there’s no way in hell he’s ever going to be nominated a second time, let alone have a shot at winning.

But if he’s out of contention already, it’s time to start speculating about who could possibly replace him. Billy Crystal? Not after last year. Ricky Gervais? It would be like being shot in the back and turning your face to your assailant for round two.

How about Jimmy Kimmel? Not such a bad idea, eh? Well, if we are to trust the New York Post, the late-night host is “already being lined up to host next year’s Oscars”. Naturally, it’s way too early to get any kind of official confirmation on the matter, but Kimmel is definitely a contender.

He’s young, so the “in the demo” target audience should not be lost after MacFarlane’s stint. He’s definitely funny – and not in the frat boy kind of way. Most importantly, he’s already under contract with ABC. Oh, and he already hosted a major awards ceremony – the 2012 Emmys. Not as important and he didn’t really shine throughout the show, but still.

Via [NY Post]


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