Steven Spielberg to Adapt Stanley Kubrick’s Unmade Napoleon Movie into a Miniseries

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For those who might be close to Steven Spielberg, before you go to bed tonight, give him a hug, kiss him softly on the forehead and gently whisper in his ear, “You don’t have to be Kubrick. Nobody’s making you become Kubrick.” 

Because even though Spielberg happens to be many things (i.e. director, “dreamer at large”, George Lucas’ biggest enabler, the guy who just sat back and allowed “Jaws 4” to happen, etc.) he’s definitely not Stanley Kubrick and he should never again attempt to complete the late director’s unrealized projects.

 But being that nobody was there to kiss him on the forehead and gently whisper in his ear, Spielberg is planning on developing Kubrick’s unmade epic “Napoleon” into a miniseries, according to Deadline Hollywood. Whereas, Kubrick’s Napoleon would have been a challenging but ultimately rewarding look at the life story of the noted Corsican with a young Jack Nicholson essaying the title role, Spielberg’s Napoleon will most likely be a middle-brow crowd-pleaser with Daniel Day-Lewis’ cheaper made-for-TV equivalent as the infamous military leader.

 The most depressing aspect behind this is the fact that it comes on the heels of Spielberg’s announcement that he is delaying production of “Robopocalypse” – a concept far better suited for that Spielberg touch. C’mon Steven! Stop trying to impress the Gene Shalits and the Owen Gliebermans of the world and get back to what you do the best: making slightly smarter than average popcorn movies.

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