New Documentary Looks at “Calvin & Hobbes”

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Calvin & Hobbes

Brilliant and colorful and outrageously funny, “Calvin & Hobbes” was a staple of my childhood, so I was saddened when creator Bill Watterson closed up shop in 1995 after a 10-year run.

Since then, the public has heard nary a peep from Watterson, but the fascination over the adventures of a brilliant 6-year-old and his “alive” stuffed tiger has not waned. To wit, a new documentary about the comic strip will hit the festival circuit next month.

“Dear Mr. Watterson” doesn’t feature an interview with the reclusive Watterson, but attempts to capture other aspects of the classic comic. The A.V. Club has more, including the trailer:

The filmmakers instead asked fans like Seth Green and associates like “Fox Trot” creator Bill Amend about Watterson’s work and legacy. It may not be the in-depth feature about the J.D. Salinger of the Sunday funnies the world has been waiting for, but it’ll do for now.

Actually, Watterson does emerge from time to time. In 2010, the Ohio resident participated in a brief Q&A with the “Cleveland Plain-Dealer.” The paper said it was Watterson’s first interview since 1989. The folks behind “Dear Mr. Watterson,” which was funded by Kickstarter, shouldn’t feel too bad: The artist didn’t speak to journalist Nevin Martell, who wrote “Looking for Calvin & Hobbes” in 2010. 

To learn more about the film, visit its website.

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