“We Saw Your Boobs”: U.S. Senate Race Edition

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Ashley Judd, the next Senator from the state of Kentucky?

One of the controversial aspects of Seth MacFarlane’s much-debated-about turn as host of the Oscars last week was the “We Saw Your Boobs” song. The song, which may or may not have been ghostwritten by Mr. Skin, name-checked several major actresses who have gone topless in movie roles over the years.

Despite its placement in a bizarre, William Shatner-abetted framing device, and the inclusion of the Gay Mens’ Chorus of Los Angeles, MacFarlane’s routine later drew fire, for rank sexual objectification, for sullying the Oscars with what amounted to a live-action Family Guy bit, and (most of all) for including a couple of rape scenes in the cheerfully sung name-checking of cinematic nudity.

But now a much more mean-spirited version of the “I Saw Your Boobs” mentality has invaded the political realm.

Actress Ashley Judd is considering running as a Democrat for the U.S. Senate seat in Kentucky in 2014, and given the rare opportunity to tee off on a candidate who’s also a “Hollywood liberal,” the political right has been pretty merciless, even though the election is nearly two years away and Judd isn’t even a declared candidate yet. First there was this particularly vicious SuperPAC-sponsored ad. Now, a top right-wing website has given Judd the “We Saw Your Boobs” treatment.

Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller website ran an article by Taylor Bigler Tuesday pointing out, apropos of nothing, that Judd “sure has done a lot of on-screen nudity.” The piece, which actually cites, notes that Judd “was particularly liberal with nudity early on in her career,” going full frontal in the 1996 TV movie “Norma Jean and Marilyn” and later in her 1999 hit feature film “Double Jeopardy.” Even more scandalously, Judd “did a lesbian sex scene” in 2002’s “Frida.” Nine of her films, in fact, have earned the coveted Mr. Skin rating of “sexy.”

The question is- so what? According to IMDB, Judd has appeared in nearly 40 films, and there was nudity in no more than a handful of them. Her nudity record, I’d guess, is pretty par for the course for an actress of her era and longevity. And besides- I remember “Norma Jean and Marilyn” being pretty critically acclaimed while “Frida” got a whole bunch of Oscar nominations. It’s not like Judd has spent her career starring in Skinemax fare.

We’re probably going to hear that on-screen nudity something that’s not in line with “Kentucky values,” as though running against naked ladies is somehow a winning or salient political strategy. And besides, if you’re going to go after Judd for something in her movie career, go ahead and attack her blatant misunderstanding of the legal doctrine of “double jeopardy.” 

I get it- The Daily Caller is checking several boxes on the trolling checklist- liberal-bashing, Hollywood-bashing, and boobie-driven clickbait. But please. The MacFarlane version may have been in poor taste, but at least I don’t get the sense that it was driven by a desire to destroy the future career prospects of any of the actresses.

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    Ashley Judd dropped out of the race almost four months ago. How far behind the times are you???

  • Stephen Silver

    This article was posted in March.