Joss Whedon Denies Planet Hulk Movie Rumors, Calls Them ‘Nonsense’

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Fans of superhero comics have a lot to look forward to from Hollywood, with new installments in the Thor, Iron Man and Captain America movie series coming out by 2014. Furthermore, an Avengers sequel is confirmed and tentatively scheduled for 2015, while Justice League has recently become less lame intriguing.

But one superhero that’s not going to be in the spotlight anytime soon is Hulk. Outside the Avengers franchise, that is. Recent rumors said the green giant was going to be assigned a more important part in “The Avengers 2,” which would then be followed by a solo Planet Hulk outing and a major baddie role in “The Avengers 3.”

Unfortunately, Joss Whedon doesn’t seem to want any of that. The writer/director of “The Avengers” yesterday told the press that he is not in a position to comment such rumors, but they’re “nonsense”.

Which kind of makes sense, considering Hulk already got two solo movies that turned out to be… not great. Then again, there’s something about Mark Ruffalo’s depiction of Bruce Banner that makes us want to see more of the new Hulk than the old Eric Bana and Edward Norton interpretations. Oh, well, a boy can still dream, right?

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