The Only Truly Legitimate Movie Awards- the MTV Movie Awards- Announces Nominees

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Rebel Wilson prepares to host the 2013 MTV Movie Awards

There is only one movie awards show which has the courage to recognize the true yardsticks of cinematic excellence with categories like “Best Scared as Sh** Performance,” “Best Shirtless Performance” and “Best WTF Moment.” I speak of course of The MTV Movie Awards. Discriminating cineastes have suffered through such trifling affairs as The Golden Globes and The Oscars. Now it’s time for the main event. It’s time for a movie awards show which has the courage to nominate Ted” for seven awards (including “Movie of the Year”!) and Zero Dark Thirty” for just one.

MTV announced the full list of nominees this morning. There’s great news if you feel like Seth MacFarlane didn’t integrate quite enough promotion of “Ted” into his hosting of The Oscars. Yes, “Ted” is tied with “Django Unchained” for most nominations at this one, due primarily to being nominated in such important categories as “Best WTF Moment.” The rest of the nominees pretty much come from the likes of the sort of blockbusters MTV has been nominating for this thing for years now. There are a lot of nominations for “The Avengers,” “The Dark Knight Rises,” etc. etc.

The one surprise is that there aren’t many nominations for the most recent installment of the “Twilight” saga. Other than a single nomination for Taylor Lautner in the “Best Shirtless Performance” category, “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2″ was shut out completely. These things used to be pretty much just a promotional vehicle for those movies.

Rebel Wilson will host this year’s installment of the MTV Movie Awards, which will air on MTV at 9 pm Eastern on April 14th. My guess is we won’t be live blogging this one here at EntertainmentTell, but depending on how bored I am that night I may just live tweet it.


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