Another Buffalo Football Loss: “Draft Day” to Film in Cleveland

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From four straight Super Bowl losses to home games in Toronto to years without a playoff appearance to the best player in franchise history being accused of double murder, it appears the indignities never end for the Buffalo Bills.

The latest bad news for Buffalo is that a planned film about the NFL draft, in which the hero was supposed to be the general manager of the Buffalo Bills, will film not in Buffalo but in that other ever-tortured NFL city, Cleveland.

The Buffalo News reported Tuesday that “Draft Day,” an upcoming film directed by Ivan Reitman and starring Kevin Costner, will go into production in Ohio, with the central team changed from the Bills to the Cleveland Browns. The change was made because Cleveland was able to offer better incentives to Lionsgate, the film’s distributor, and a last-minute push by Buffalo and New York state officials fell short.

The NFL Draft itself is always held in New York, and production on the movie will begin next month during the actual draft.

Sorry, Buffalo. You’re bound to win one of these things eventually…

Meanwhile, in other NFL movie news, reported that Sony Pictures is developing a movie called “Jesse Holley,” about the wide receiver of that name who won a reality TV competition to earn an invite to Dallas Cowboys training camp, and ended up playing for the team. As the project sounds remarkably similar to “Invincible,” the story of a guy who came out of nowhere to play for the Philadelphia Eagles, and it involves the hated Cowboys, “Jesse Holley” is bound to give fans of the Eagles fits.

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