Director Will Gluck Attached to Agatha Christie Biopic

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Agatha Christie

Will Gluck, the director of “Easy A” and “Friends with Benefits,” has added another project to his busy schedule.

On top of the new “Annie” (starring Quvenzhane Wallis), Gluck is set (for now) to direct “Agatha,” which centers around the disappearance of legendary mystery author Agatha Christie. Collider describes the Paramount Pictures movie, written by Allison Schroeder, as “a female Sherlock Holmes meets ‘Romancing the Stone.'”

As for what really happened to Christie, no one knows for sure. It’s a safe bet she wasn’t hanging out with Michael Douglas.

After quarreling with her then-husband over his request for a divorce, Agatha Christie left their shared residence in Berkshire on the night of December 3, 1926.  The author left behind a letter for her secretary saying she was going to Yorkshire, and she was not found until 10 days later, when it was discovered that she was staying as a guest at a hotel in Yorkshire under a different name.  Christie never accounted for the missing days, and opinions over the ordeal differed greatly. Some thought the author suffered a nervous breakdown from the dissolution of her marriage, while others surmised that she planned the entire incident as a stunt to embarrass her husband.  Whatever the case, the public was sufficiently panicked at outraged.

Christie was in her mid-thirties at the time of her absence. That is not the right age for two Gluck regulars: Patricia Clarkson and Emma Stone. Maybe it’s me, but this role screams for Jessica Chastain. Great actress, same age, good name recognition.
As for the story itself, Gluck has a tendency to get a little too clever for his own good. He sets up a movie in a familiar genre (rom-com, teen movie) and then mocks and embraces the conventions of that genre. “Easy A” and “Friends with Benefits” were pleasant, but their hypocritical wishy-washiness wore you down. Maybe this time, Gluck can find the right rhythm.
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