Waking Up in Vegas Again: Third ‘Hangover’ Gets Teased

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The Hangover Part III

The “Hangover” trilogy will end, possibly, this summer with a third film in the series, and the first teaser trailer made its debut

Following the “Ocean’s Eleven” template of setting the first movie in Vegas, setting the inferior sequel elsewhere, and then coming back to Sin City for the third, the trailer includes the tagline “It All Ends,” implying that the dudes’ third roofie-abetted adventure will be the last one.

The teaser has the cast at a funeral, with Zach Galifianakis giving a high-pitched singing performance at a funeral, a la Will Ferrell in “Old School,” also directed by Todd Phillips. The rest of the cast is back too, including Ed Helms and the newly Oscar-nominated Bradley Cooper:

“The Hangover Part III” arrives May 24.

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