At the End of the Day: Talking Softball, The Worst Celebs, and More From Yoko

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To give you an idea of how long ago this was, Steve Sax was on the team

Baseball writer Jonah Keri speculates on which players might be part of the “Springfield Nine,” if The Simpsons ever did another softball episode (Grantland)

An amazing Reddit thread in which users share their favorite jerk celebrity run-ins. The Kid Rock-throwing-a-guitar-off-the-roof-of-a-building story is my personal favorite (Reddit)

An amusing list of fake TV shows that might comprise the schedule of the new Fox Sports One network (SB Nation)

Jeffrey Wells, naturally, is worried Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher are too fat and ugly to still play Luke and Leia (Hollywood Elsewhere)

Following Erin Andrews, Rachel Nichols and Michelle Beadle, Jenn Brown is the latest to depart ESPN’s stable of attractive on-air women (The Big Lead)

Yoko Ono has approved the use of a John Lennon song in the sitcom The New Normal, so I guess all is forgiven (Rolling Stone)

The many, many reality shows with the word “Wars” in the title (The Wrap)

Ranking the members of Saturday Night Live‘s Five Timers Club, which expands this weekend with the arrival of Justin Timberlake (Vulture)

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