Teaser Trailer for Sofia Coppola’s ‘The Bling Ring’ Looks About Like You Think it Would

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BlingIt was pretty much a no-brainer that Sofia Coppola would direct the big screen version of the saga of  The “Bling Ring.”

After all, she’s most at home depicting the lifestyles of the privileged. On top of that the Los Angeles/Hollywood setting is a natural fit for her directorial style and her most recent feature film depicted a similar milieuWhat I hope for is that the scenes of thievery etc. in this film can recapture the kick of the scenes of partying and decadence in her underrated “Marie Antoinette.”

From the looks of the first “teaser” trailer, released this morning, that seems to be what she’s going for. In 56 seconds this thing pretty much has everything that someone who’s excited about this project could hope for: loving shots of the LA sunshine and palm trees, an over-the-top portrayal of Paris Hilton’s bedroom and walk-in-closet, slow motion shots of the crew enjoying thousand dollar bottles of vodka with sparklers coming out the top in some douchey bottle service nightclub etc. All this action is, of course, set to Sleigh Bells “Crown on the Ground.”  As Amanda Dobbins points out on Vulture, that song is sort of becoming a tired music cue to convey this sort of vibe (and why not “Kids” instead for that matter?) not to mention being three years old now. Need I even ask if Lana Del Ray will somehow be featured on the soundtrack?

See the full “teaser” trailer below:

via Vulture.


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