DirecTV Could Lose NFL Sunday Ticket Exclusive

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DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket

It’s been a common complaint of NFL fans for years. If you want to sign up for the Sunday Ticket package- the only way to have access to every game by every team, every Sunday afternoon- you can only do it if you subscribe to DirecTV.

 The sports packages of every other major sport are available on multiple cable platforms, but the NFL’s is not. Major League Baseball actually attempted to put in a similar system a few years ago, but backed off due to pressure from Congress. 

If Sunday Ticket is important to you, if you live in a city different from that of your favorite team, your options are to either subscribe to DirecTV, or go to a sports bar or buddy’s house who does.

That may be changing, however. DirecTV’s chief financial officer, Pat Doyle, said at an investor conference this week that the Sunday Ticket monopoly may come to an end after the current contract expires in 2015. According to the Hollywood Reporter:

Asked about the future of DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket amid rising sports costs, he said that if the price tag went too high in the next rights deal negotiations, DirecTV would consider striking a non-exclusive deal with the NFL or possibly even dropping the popular package.

In the age of the DVR, sports rights fees have skyrocketed, as viewers of sports programming nearly always watch it live.


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