Yes, Kevin Smith is Writing “Clerks III”

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The first page of Kevin Smith’s “Clerks III” script

Kevin Smith, it appears, has been talking about retiring from directing movies- while not actually doing it- as long as Steven Soderbergh has. But while Soderbergh has, it appears, actually hung up his camera for real, Smith let the world know on Friday that he’s begun work on his next project: “Clerks III.” 

Smith posted the first page of the “Clerks III” script to his Facebook page, letting his fans know that, “without plan or provocation,” he had gotten up at 4:20 that morning and began a two-hour session of writing the screenplay for a third “Clerks” film. And apparently, he’s happy with his work: 

 It’s been like hanging out with old friends. And after 2 hours of tapping the keys and giggling, I have come to a conclusion…

CLERKS III will be the best film I’ll ever make.

The director also noted that it’s been roughly 20 years since he started working on the first “Clerks.” Smith had spoken in recent months about possibly writing “Clerks III” as a novel or Broadway play. 

Smith’s plans for retirement have been much talked about and revised; he has said at various times that either “Clerks III” or “Hit Somebody”- a hockey film based on the Warren Zevon song of the same name- would be his last film.

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