The Tantalizing New Trailer for “True Blood” Reveals Spoilers

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"True Blood" Season Five

HBO has released the trailer for the upcoming fifth season of True Blood, and it is not without its fair share of spoilers.

In addition to the sex and blood fans have come to expect, the promo also reveals key plot points. Notably, the Vampire Authority intervenes in Bon Temps and is not pleased with how things have been ran in the last few seasons. Its head, Roman (Chris Meloni) enlists the help of vampires Bill and Eric to catch sociopathic killer Russell Edgington, and they immediately decide to rope in their mutual ex-girlfriend, the half-fairy Sookie.

It also appears that Sookie is getting some action from the werewolf Alcide, whose girlfriend she killed in the last season. Meanwhile, it appears that humans are growing less and less tolerant of their blood-sucking counterparts and have decided to retaliate. The fifth season will premier June 10th on HBO. 

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