Prince Composes Cable News Theme Song

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Prince wrote the new theme song for “News Nation” on MSNBC

Even though he’s a native of the state of Minnesota, has long worn the color purple, and shares their affinity for the waters of Lake Minnetonka, Prince has never particularly been associated with the Minnesota Vikings.

That is, except for a brief period during the 2009 season, when the NFL team was on a run of success with quarterback Brett Favre, and The Artist began regularly appearing in a box at Vikings games. Prince was featured regularly on TV broadcasts of games, and during that year’s playoffs, he even wrote and performed a new fight song for the team, titled “Purple and Gold.”

But then… the song was savaged by just about everyone in and out of Vikings fandom and the team lost the NFC Championship Game just a few days after it was introduced. The song was never used by the Vikings again and just about forgotten about, and Prince hasn’t been seen at a Vikings game since.

Perhaps Prince is more loyal in his cable news preferences than his sports interests. Prince’s newest composition is a new theme song for News Nation, a daytime TV show on MSNBC hosted by anchor Tamron Hall. Buzzfeed described the theme as “funky”: 

How exactly a non-primetime series managed to snag a theme song by such a luminary of American popular music remains unexplained.

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