Ray Lewis Officially Joining ESPN As Broadcaster

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The rumors were out as soon as Ray Lewis officially retired from football. Now ESPN has confirmed the outspoken former Baltimore Ravens linebacker will join its team for radio and TV coverage. He’ll work on Monday Night Countdown, Sunday Night Countdown and SportsCenter. The two-time Super Bowl champ will also be a part of ESPN’s coverage of the big game.

An ESPN statement praised Lewis’ enthusiasm for the game. He has always been a popular choice to wear a mic for those “sounds of the game” type features. He also delivered a great speech as a part of the introduction to Madden NFL 13.

Lewis will be coming into millions of homes every Sunday now. This is proof his image has completely recovered after being implicated in the murders of 24-year-old Richard Lollar and 21-year-old Jacinth Baker. Lewis eventually pled guilty to misdemeanor obstruction of justice and received 12 months probation.

He officially joins the ESPN broadcast team August 1.

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