Dead ‘Smash’? NBC Series Goes to Saturdays

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NBC’s perpetually troubled musical drama Smash isn’t officially dead yet. But its eventual demise is looking pretty inevitable.

The network Wednesday moved the series from its current Tuesday timeslot to Saturday night, where the remaining episodes of its second season will air, the New York Times reported. As the show’s so-so ratings from its first season have not improved and have actually gotten worse in some weeks, its cancellation is virtually assured.

Reality series Ready For Love will replace Smash in the Tuesday slot.

The series, which debuted in early 2012 with backing from executive producer Steven Spielberg and a cast and crew full of name Broadway talent, had gone from a promising beginning to something of a laughingstock by the end of its first season. With terrible supporting characters, silly plots and questionable wardrobe choices, the show led to the coining of the concept “hate-watching.”

Prior to the second season the showrunner was replaced, some of the hated characters were excised and star power was brought in in the form of Jennifer Hudson. But while the show isn’t quite the train wreck it was in Season 1, it’s become something possibly worse: Deathly boring.

At any rate, Smash will likely go down in TV’s “Most Fascinating Failures” category. Kate Aurthur’s piece in Buzzfeed remains the definitive account of what went wrong in Season 1.

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