‘Penthouse North’ Thriller Starring Michael Keaton Has a Trailer and… it Blows

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Michael Keaton as a smooth and sadistic criminal vs. Michelle Monaghan as a blind, innocent and defenseless photojournalist. That pretty much sums up the plot of the upcoming psychological thriller “Penthouse North”.

Sound intriguing? Well, if so, you must be completely out of your mind. And if you don’t believe me, take a look at the trailer that I embedded below. Still don’t think this is going to be utter garbage?

No problem, I have more to convince you. The film is directed by Joseph Ruben, the “brilliant mind” behind B and C-movies “The Forgotten” (look it up, I didn’t remember it either), “Money Train” (ugh!) and “Sleeping with the Enemy.”

As for the script, that’s penned by David Loughery, whose last (semi) hit is 20 years-old and is called “The Three Musketeers”. Oh, and he has also written the “Money Train” screenplay.

Finally, the cast. Now, I’m not saying Keaton and Monaghan don’t know how to act, but it’s just their careers have seen better days. Remember “Batman”? Or “Gone Baby Gone”?

And the icing on the cake (I know I said “finally” earlier, but you didn’t think I was already done, did you?) – the film was reportedly shot in 2011, locked somewhere away for all this time, then for some reason brought back for “international” audiences. Thank God there’s no US premiere date yet and there probably won’t ever be one.

Via [Indiewire]


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