“Veronica Mars” Movie Kickstarter Campaign Reaches its Goal and Then Some

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VeronicaAs every sentient being on the planet is aware of by now, yesterday a campaign was launched on Kickstarter to raise money for a Veronica Mars feature film. As of last night, talk shifted from the novelty of this particular method of funding a movie version of a cult TV show to how insanely successful the Kickstarter campaign has been already.

As I type this, the Kickstarter campaign has already raised nearly $2.7 million. The project has already easily eclipsed its initial $2 million dollar goal in less than 24 hours and can continue accepting donations for 29 days as long as people are willing to continue contributing. According to this post the campaign set a new record for fastest Kickstarter campaign to get to a million dollars, reaching the milestone in a little over 4 hours. Rob Thomas (not the Matchbox 20 guy but the showrunner of Veronica Mars) and company get to keep whatever money is raised and devote it to the movie, so at this point it seems likely that he’ll have a decent budget to work with of $10 million or more.

Raising a lot of money on Kickstarter isn’t the only hurdle this project has to overcome however. There are also logistical hurdles like coordinating all the actors’ schedules etc. (If the movie is never made Thomas and company don’t get to keep the money.)

The other strange thing about this whole situation is that this isn’t exactly some little indie film project we’re talking about here. All the rights to Veronica Mars are still owned by Warner Brothers, who will handle all the distribution, marketing etc. if the movie is actually made. So, we seem to be entering a brave new world where fans are willing to raise money to get a big studio to make a movie and then go and pay to see that movie in a theater. But who am I to judge, I’d probably be willing to do the same if they were making a movie of my beloved Terriers.

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