‘Les Miz’ Director Might Make Mercury Biopic

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Freddie Mercury

The biopic of Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, set to star Sacha Baron Cohen as the flamboyant singer, has been in the works for more than three years- and it may soon have a director.

Tom Hooper, who directed Best Picture winner “The King’s Speech” as well as last year’s adaptation of “Les Miserables,” “could be a potential match” for the Mercury film, reported Thursday. Mike Fleming, Jr., reported that “there is no formal offer” to Hooper but that we should “keep an eye on this one.”

The film, written by Peter Morgan, is untitled but the name “A Kind of Magic” has been kicked around.

Hooper previously directed Cohen in the “Les Miz” movie, another project that was in limbo for years before Hooper stepped in as director.

Is this a good idea? Hooper’s wide-angle, closeup-heavy directorial style has been much-maligned, but his first two films had their virtues, and he knows how to direct musical sequences. And besides, the idea of Cohen as Mercury is such perfect casting it would be hard to screw it up.

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