Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis to Star In a Comedy/Drama

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Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis, who have spent the last few years yukking it up in everything from “Going the Distance” to “Horrible Bosses,” are about to get serious.

The pair has agreed to star in “One Night on the Hudson,” a Universal comedy/thriller that will be directed by Seth Gordon (“Identity Thief,” “Horrible Bosses”). You read that right, along with this: According to “The Hollywood Reporter,” the project is being developed as a starring vehicle for Day and Sudeikis.

Oh, wow. So, Collider, what is this movie about?

The story centers on a straight-laced rookie cop and his jaded veteran partner as they are tasked with transporting a federal witness from New Jersey to Manhattan, only to encounter a number of obstacles along the way. Gordon will be working from a spec screenplay by T.J. Fixman. 

Doesn’t this sound like nine other movies? I like Sudeikis and Day plenty, but not at the head of the band. And that’s for comedies, mind you. Now Universal has them starring in serious fare? I’m beyond skeptical, doubly so since Gordon isn’t Steven Soderbergh.

Look, even if this fails hard, it’s nice that Day and Sudeikis are spreading their wings. And they have not abandoned all common sense. They have kept their base–TV, of course–though don’t be surprised if Sudeikis bolts Saturday Night Live soon.

They’ll be back, along with Jason Bateman, for “Horrible Bosses 2.” Day is in this summer’s highly-anticipated “Pacific Rim.” Sudeikis gets to go home to Olivia Wilde. All is good. 

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