New Trailer for Scary Movie 5 includes spoofs of ‘Mama’, ‘The Evil Dead’, Farts

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Alright. Fine. You got me. I have a weakness for parody movies. Ok? Telling you this doesn’t exactly swell me up with pride but getting excited over movies that basically consist of farts, comical child abuse and timely references to the hottest films of 2010 is part of who I am. And that person is someone whose self-loathing is so intense and crippling they’re actually looking forward to “Scary Movie 5”. Yeah, that’s right. Why don’t you put the gavel down and stop judging me, “your honor”.

At any rate, this latest trailer for “Scary Movie 5”, boasts appearances from Sarah Hyland and Snoop Lion (real name Snoopard Doggington) in what appears to be parodies of “Mama” and the upcoming “Evil Dead” reboot. The new footage (which was apparently shot on Feb. 27) seems to indicate that the dated references to “Inception” and “Black Swan” might have been removed from the film which is bad news for fans of Leonardo DiCaprio lookalikes but good news for those who wished “Mama” had more Honey Boo-boo references or scenes of fat women loudly shitting in a closet: 

Nonetheless, I’ll be seeing this on April 12. Be sure to look for me. I’ll be the guy in the trench coat that can’t look anyone in the eye.

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