Christopher Meloni Cast in the Sitcom Adaptation of ‘I Suck At Girls’

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Christopher Meloni will always be remembered for his long-running stint on Law & Order: SVU but to me Meloni will always be Gene, the unstable fridge-humping fry cook from “Wet Hot American Summer”.

Much like Jon Hamm, Meloni is an unexpectedly strong comic performer but unlike Hamm, Meloni’s comedic abilities seem to be overlooked and his very funny appearances in “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle” and the cult TV show Wonder Showzen are basically forgotten.

Fortunately, things are starting to turn around for Meloni. According to TV Line, he’s been cast in an upcoming Fox sitcom that is based around Justin Halpern’s book “I Suck At Girls”.  Halpern is probably best remembered for turning his Twitter feed “Shit My Dad Says” into a not very good sitcom starring William Shatner.

Meloni is reportedly set to play “Jack Dunlevy, a ‘no bullshit’ military man-turned oncologist [whose] wife is going to law school, and he’s going to have to take a much more active role in his kids’ lives”.

Granted, sitcom premises don’t come any more generic than that but there’s a strong possibility that Meloni could make his gruff but lovable stereotype somewhat interesting. I Suck at Girls probably won’t be an innovative or even a decent sitcom but it might just be an enjoyable time killer and sometimes that’s good enough.


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