Downton/Fiddler, Arguing With Will McAvoy and Who Created ‘Girls’?

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What Downton Abbey borrowed from “Fiddler on the Roof” (Forward)

What it means that Jewish actresses played the witches in “Oz: The Great and Powerful” (Tablet)

Daniel Drezner on “The Geopolitics of Girls” (Foreign Policy)

The actor who plays Satan in the miniseries The Bible supposedly looks like President Obama (Buzzfeed)

Tina Fey has put the kibosh on supposed rumors that she’ll take over Saturday Night Live after Lorne Michaels retires (Slate)

1980s folkie Michelle Shocked scandalized an audience in San Francisco with a vicious, on-stage anti-gay rant (Daily Kos)

National Republican Policy Chairman Jason B. Whitman responded with disdain to a tweet from Will McAvoy- who happens to be the fictional news anchor from The Newsroom (Romenesko)

Don’t like Girls? Blame the New York Times’ David Carr, who wrote the first big profile of Lena Dunham a few years ago (Gawker)

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