“Party Down” Movie to be Funded the Old-Fashioned Way, Not With a Kickstarter

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PartyOn Friday Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas gave an interview which was of particular interest to fans of Terriers and Pushing Daisies. Yesterday in a phone interview with the Huffington Post he had some interesting information for fans of Party Down, the other cult TV show he was involved with (this time as a co-creator and not sole creator).

Thomas has been working on putting together a Party Down movie since summer 2011. And the stars of the television series, such as Lizzy Caplan, Adam Scott, Megan Mulllally and Ken Marino, have been optimistic (or at least cautiously optimistic) about the possibility of the movie actually happening in interviews since then. When news of the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter took over the internet last week, Party Down fans started wondering if Thomas was planning to try something similar for their favorite brilliant-but-canceled TV show.

Turns out the movie is still “in the works” as they say but in this case Thomas is trying to put it together the old-fashioned way, by going to movie studios and production companies, as opposed to an internet-based crowd-sourced financing scheme. Yesterday he told HuffPo “Well, we’re still hopeful that there will be a Party Down movie without Kickstarter,” and “”We’re already in the process of trying to make that happen and I can’t say too much about that. There is work being done on script right now for Party Down.”

Last year Megan Mullally said that everything was a go for the movie and it would begin filming this summer while everyone was on hiatus from their other television shows. Since now the plan is for Thomas to work on the Veronica Mars movie this summer, it looks like that’s not happening anymore. But the good news is that it does look like it’s still happening and fans will probably be able to get away with just buying a ticket when the movie comes out, as opposed to contributing to a fundraising drive and buying a ticket.

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