Two New Songs from Vampire Weekend’s Next Album, “Modern Vampires of the City,” Available Now

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VampireVampire Weekend’s new album, Modern Vampires of the City, will be released on May 7, but on Monday the band made two songs from the forthcoming album available as streams right on their website. The two songs, “Diane Young” and “Step” will also be part of a limited-edition 7-inch which will be available starting April 7. In addition, starting yesterday “Diane Young” was available for immediate purchase and download on iTunes for those who pre-order the Modern Vampires album there.

If you’re a fan of this band you’ll love both songs. “Diane Young,” though it has a small amount of Afro-pop influence, is mostly just an enjoyably upbeat, straightforward pop-rock song in the vein of “Cousins” from their previous album Contra. “Step” is the real gem though. Especially if listened to while watching the “Official Lyrics Video,” it’s a beautiful love letter to Manhattan. In just 4 minutes the song creates an all-enveloping hazy, hypnotic vibe. The seemingly incongruous “Chopped and Screwed” style slowed down vocal at the end somehow provides the perfect ending to a blissful piece of pop music. Listen to both songs below:

In addition the band will be going on tour this Spring. See the full list of tour dates at this AV Club post.

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