James McAvoy and Mark Strong Are Enemies Turned Partners in ‘Welcome to the Punch’ Trailer

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Virtually unknown to U.S. film buffs until a couple of years ago, James McAvoy seems to be everywhere nowadays. The 34-year-old red-bearded (what?) British actor is Charles Xavier in the rebooted “X-Men” series, the central character in Danny Boyle’s “Trance” and currently filming two back-to-back Ned Benson dramas alongside Jessica Chastain.

With all that going on, we don’t know how McAvoy managed to squeeze in time for what appears to be a lighter action flick called “Welcome to the Punch”. And yet that film is already out in UK theaters and will land in America next week.

“Welcome to the Punch” looks like another spin on the classical “good guy chasing bad guy until realizing he needs to team up with bad guy to defeat the real bad guys and vows to lock up bad guy after finishing his business with him only to spare bad guy in the end for not being such a bad guy after all” story.

But the trailer is not that bad, even if for some reason everything is blue. McAvoy’s beard not included. Mark Strong (“Sherlock Holmes”, “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”) and Andrea Riseborough (“Happy-Go-Lucky”) are the co-stars, so all in all this could turn out to be rather enjoyable, don’t you think?


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