The International Trailer for ‘Star Trek: Into the Darkness’ is Here

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How do Star Trek fans feel about the new “Star Trek” movies? And I’m not talking about the more casual fans, I’m talking about the kinds of fans that show up at weddings or funerals in Star Fleet uniforms and insist that you refer to them as captain. What do they think of these movies?

I would assume their relationship with these films is a rocky one because J.J. Abrams clearly isn’t pandering to them. He’s making big summer movies for mainstream audiences who demand their explosions to be huge, their ladies to be clad only in the finest, silkiest bras and their Benedicts to be as Cumberbatch-y as possible. He’s not making these movies for people that know or care what the Horta is and that has to sting.


Also, it’s nice to know that in spite of widespread public derision, J.J. Abrams is not easing up on those lens flares any time soon. Flare on you crazy diamond. Flare on.

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