At the End of the Day: Simpsons Win, Enlightened Canceled and O.J. is Back

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The next big sitcom star

The Simpsons has been declared the winner of Vulture’s “Sitcom Smackdown” tournament. Matt Zoller Seitz’s verdict shouldn’t be missed (Vulture)

HBO has put the kibosh on the deeply loved but barely watched Enlightened (Hollywood Reporter)

Fox, for some reason, is developing a miniseries about the O.J. Simpson trial (TV Line)

In a development that makes me like the Dropkick Murphys a lot more than I ever did before, the group’s singer assaulted a skinhead on-stage after he did a Nazi salute (Gawker)

Ronald McDonald delivers the Herb Brooks speech from “Miracle” to a whole hockey team dressed as him, for some reason (Deadspin)

The beef between James Franco’s soon-to-be-legendary “Spring Breakers” character and the rapper who claims to have inspired him (Grantland)

MTV will re-run several of the most memorable Real World seasons this weekend (Vulture)

The case against celebrating Philip Roth’s 70th birthday with a bus trip through Newark (Slate)

Why “the world” hates Jay Leno, high ratings notwithstanding (Buzzfeed)

A look at the greatness of The Band’s “The Weight” (No Depression)

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