DVD Review: Ghost Hunters Season 8 Part 1

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It’s back into the trenches with “Ghost Hunters”, as our friends out at Image Entertainment sent over a copy of “Ghost Hunters Season 8 Part 1″ for us to review.

“Ghost Hunters Season 8 Part 1″ reunites us with everyone’s favorite Roto-Rooter men, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson. By day, they’re simple plumbers of a sort, but by night, these two step into the shoes of ghost hunters as the founders of TAPS, The Atlantic Paranormal Society. Armed with a variety of high-tech gadgetry from electromagnetic field detectors to thermal and night vision cameras to digital recorders, and backed up by a team of experts and brave souls who go in search of explanations behind some of the most haunted places around.

“Ghost Hunters Season 8 Part 1″ is actually quite noteworthy; not only does it feature Grant’s last episode in the Spaulding Inn, but it’s said to be the last of the older series, with a new format to the following episodes. None of those will appear on this set, though, so the overall impact is questionable for this set.

There have been those that say that “Ghost Hunters” is an hour-long series in which a variety of different things are almost seen and almost heard. Indeed, “did you hear that?” may well be one of the most popular questions asked on the show, directly behind “what was that?”, and rounding out the top three is “did you see that?”. The answer for the audience commonly is no, I don’t know, and no, respectively. Sometimes it’s a bit clearer-cut, like with the flashlights–a very interesting set of binary questions, simple yes and no as expressed by turning on one flashlight or another–but for the most part, they’re going to see and hear plenty, but we’re not going to see or hear very much at all.

As for special features, there’s actually an entire disc’s worth of them. Sadly, there are no subtitles to be had here of any language, but instead there will be an entire slate of deleted scenes. Specifically, there will be four entire menus worth of deleted scenes, which is a whole lot of fodder. They’re not very well organized, though, as it’s difficult to tell which scenes go with which show without actually watching both all the shows and all the deleted scenes. While the deleted scenes may not be the best set up, there’s still plenty of them, and for fans, that’s good enough.

“Ghost Hunters Season 8 Part 1″ is a reasonably fun ride with some great surprises scattered into the mix. Sure, not all of it is the most entertaining, and some of it is downright ludicrous, but enough of it is still sufficiently fun to make it well worth a better look and an entertaining time.


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