ABC Starts Campaign Asking You to Save “Happy Endings,” While Getting Ready to Cancel it

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HappyIn a bizarre inversion of the usual dynamic of “Save our Show” campaigns a network which has already all but canceled a show is running an ad asking fans to save the show from getting canceled. Or, as Splitsider’s headline puts it: “ABC Starts a Campaign to Save ‘Happy Endings’ from ABC.”

This seems like a particularly craven move by ABC, taking the format of legitimate fan-driven “Save our Show” campaigns, one of which has sprung up concerning Happy Endings itself, merely as a ploy to increase ratings for the remaining episodes of a series which ABC seems to have every intention of canceling anyway.

It’s pretty obvious why Happy Endings gets terrible ratings. ABC has moved it all over the schedule with minimal promotion and most recently simply taken it off the schedule for two months. In a final insult, the show is coming back for the “Friday Night Death Slot” starting a week from now. The fact that they plan to air two new episodes back-to-back each Friday night makes it even more clear that ABC’s plan is to burn off the remainder of the episodes ABC has “in the can” and then cancel the show.

See the “Save Happy Endings” ad from ABC below:

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