DC Going Retro With Batman ’66 Comic

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DC Comics has done digital first books based on its TV shows Smallville and Arrow. It’s going back a little bit further in its TV show lineage for its next TV-to-comic project. Comics Alliance reports DC will pick up its 1966 campy classic Batman TV show in a digital first comic release.

Jeff Parker will write the book, while Eisner Award-winning artist Jonathan Case capturing the distinct retro style. His Joker has Cesar Romero’s infamous mustache clearly visible under the makeup. The Riddler, played by Frank Gorshin in the show, will be the first “guest villain.” Catwoman will also make an appearance.

Comic books don’t have the budget restrictions that TV shows have to work with. Buffy the Vampire Slayer continued her adventures in comic book form, as did her vampire beau Angel. Smallville Season 11 picks up right where that show left off, giving its fans the chance to see Tom Welling don the cape and battle evil in Superman garb. Still, I never thought I’d see a return to the 1966 Batman era. Pass the Bat-Shark repellent, I can’t wait. This book hits Comixology and the DC Comics app this summer.


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