‘Hummingbird’ Trailer Stars Jason Statham as Jason Statham, But With a Dramatic Twist

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Remember when Jason Statham’s movies used to be fun and even fairly clever in addition to hyper-violent and predictable? Yeah, it’s been a while. And yeah, his latest action flicks have basically been the exact same movie.

The next project could be an unsurprising extension of that… or it could be an entirely different thing. Called “Hummingbird”, the film is to debut in UK theaters this May and the first trailer is the textbook definition of bittersweet.

Halfway through the clip, you’re convinced this is going to be nothing more than another “Parker”… or “Safe”… or “Blitz”… or “Mechanic”. But then things take a turn towards the dramatic. And with Oscar-nominated Steven Knight (“Dirty Pretty Things”, “Eastern Promises”) set to both write and direct “Hummingbird”, how bad could it be?

Well, we’re not quite certain it can’t be bad, as one of two things can still happen. A. you could get Statham being Statham for half the movie and then Statham trying to be all deep and profound for the rest, or B. you could see Statham trying to look like an actor for the whole 100 minutes of the film and miserably missing the mark.

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